invegenius Preschools

invegenius Preschools endeavors to provide a globally successful curriculum with innovative method of pedagogy in early childhood education. We thus serve new age parents, conscious about quality of education as well as the premises. We are committed to provide a holistic experience in the beginning years of their child’s life.

In association with our international partner, Waterford Institute, Utah, USA we offer state of the art, globally proven and successful curriculum in India. The curriculum has an integrated approach, making it possible to establish links between different skill areas and between multiple intelligence.

Our journey began in 2013 with our flagship school at Undri, Pune. Under the stewardship of an Armed Forces Veteran joined by his experienced and passionate wife! Our sincere and committed work has received lot of appreciation and encouragement from parents and community! It has motivated us to maintain very high standards and also replicate the model at multiple places to serve more and more children.


InveGenius Preschools are committed to catalyze transformation of the young children into learned and capable human beings through quality education and fulfillment of overall developmental needs.


InveGenius Preschools intend to realize the vision through following core competencies:

1. Safe, stimulating & encouraging environment to engage every child.
2. Ensure the deliverables of research based curriculum are achieved for every programe and for every child.
3. Updating curriculum in line with new developments and research.
4. Proactive partnership with parents through engagement, participation and timely feedback on achievement of developmental milestones.
5. Ensure high professional standards of pedagogy through regular professional development & training