At INVEGENIUS, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for children, a passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experience. Each and every teacher is selected through a rigorous recruitment process. On joining our pre-schools, teachers undergo expansive training.
INVEGENIUS teachers are trained to plan the scope and objectives of the process. They are encouraged to bring variety and make decisions about learning experiences, resources, design, location of the learning environment, routines, group interactions and strategies for assessment.
We motivate our teachers to be learners themselves. We have a close knit system herein each teacher can access fellow teachers, principals and the vast database of our school experiences. Sharing of latest and best practices happens routinely at InveGenius Preschools.

Mr. Kailas Ghule


Mr. Kailas Ghule has served the Indian Navy with honors and quit as a Master Chief Artificer. He is and

Mrs Hemlata Ghule


Mrs Hemlata is an epitome of an Early Childhood Educator! She is the most natural preschool teacher. Very loving, caring,

Nate Upton


Maria Smith received her bachelor of science degree from Elementary School in 1993 and her Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Cornell University in 2014.