At INVEGENIUS, engaging environment that creates interest and supports children’s curiosity, are a big focus. We ensure safe and stimulating premises for children to engage freely. Our concept of environment includes:


The child must feel at home and belong to the place. We ensure that the classroom is beautiful, gentle, full of marvel and innovation, so that children feel intrigued, respected and eager to spend their days learning in it. Display boards adorned with pictures of the children’s family and creations, gives them a sense of security and acceptance. Intelligently designed learning spaces with an array of natural material, develop a child’s creative and cognitive capacity, while allowing the child the space to be on their own, to study or reflect. Ergonomically-designed, child-friendly furniture removes restrictions on movement and allows for flexible learning spaces.


We provide children with ample opportunity to engage with nature in a clean and safe way. We utilize the external environment and its various open-ended resources like leaves, twigs etc. to aid a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. With spacious outdoor facilities like a water play area, sand play area, jungle gym, traffic parks and much more, INVEGENIUS infuses the best of what the outdoors have to offer with our holistically driven educational approach.