Be a Partner!

In India, the pre-school industry is fast evolving, it is estimated to grow at 28% per year and hence there is huge scope for a financial viability and returns.
Preschools have become important in India as more and more parents becoming educated and conscious about the need for high quality learning during the formative years. The demand for quality pre-schools is set to rise even higher as the census 2011 indicates that 13% of entire population in the country i.e. 15 crore children are within the age group of 0 to 6 years and expected to enter the pre-schools.
You can now a close knit and growing INVEGENIUS family to set up a world class preschool. We offer you our successful programs that meet the demands of young parents – Pre-school (Pre-nursery to Kindergarten II), Mother-Toddler and Child Care programs. Our unique and differentiated offering will enable you to serve quality conscious parents. With minimal investment in infrastructure, your own commitment and involvement, you can make a social impact even as you enjoy the financial rewards.
What we look for in a InveGenius partner?
1) Passion for children and willingness to go the extra mile.
2) Readiness to learn and adapt.
3) Basic understanding of early childhood education and child care.
3) Keen interest to innovate and add value to the children, parents and society in general.
4) Entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to ensure discipline and maintain quality.
5) Willingness grow and learn on the go.
6) Reasonable financial resources

What we Offer

As we plan to serve more and more children as well as parents, you as our franchisee educational partner will be a part of our family where a solid Support System will ensure mutual growth and success.
i)  Personalized Support
• Dedicated assistance by for day-to-day queries as well as the set up and operations of your pre-school

• Guidance in your school design and renovation, incorporating best practices to build pre-schools of tomorrow.
• Assistance in procuring materials such as equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardised specifications.
• Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems.
• Supply of admission kit, student kit and forms, formats and templates to help establish systems and processes in your pre-school
ii) Recruitment & Training
• INVEGENIUS learning platform to educate you on our philosophy, approach, curriculum, operational practices, staff hiring, IT system, finance, quality assurance, marketing and customer service.
• Constant support in identifying and recruiting qualified staff.
• Comprehensive teacher training program on curriculum, setting up the environment and documentation conducted at regular intervals
iii) Marketing Guidance
• Guidance in marketing and promoting your pre-school with campaigns for launch and ongoing enrollment-building programs
• Access to professionally developed advertising, promotional, marketing and communication material including artworks and publicity material
• Advice on planning, implementation and reviewing the marketing plan
• Unique parental involvement initiatives and event plans resulting in healthy community relations and brand awareness
iv) Academic Research & Development
• Cutting-edge, broad and balanced curriculum, which is continuously researched and updated
• Regular interactions with Academic, Research and Development teams
• Process manuals for morning assembly, outings, activities, celebrations, annual day, sports day, excursions and other events
• Continuous monitoring system to ensure quality

v) Systems and Quality Control
• Provide manuals, IT and administrative systems for running the pre-school
• Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience

A three dimensional enterprise

Passion: The passion to create a world class preschool with state of the art facilities and premises! This passion when mutually shared and implemented, can create a huge ecosystem of early educators to serve the society.

Global Alliance: InveGenius believes in bringing the best practices as well as curriculum for every child. Therefore we have partnered one of the best in the world- Waterford Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Waterford Early Learning programs are implemented in over 50,000 classrooms across the world. By joining hands with INVEGENIUS, you can access an international curriculum resourced from across the world, globally accepted best teaching/learning practices, tried and tested standard operating procedures as well as the latest research and development in the field.

Delivery Centric Approach: As our partner, you will be equipped to set an international quality benchmark in the pre-school where a globally successful curriculum in delivered to every child. By ensuring the delivery of every content to every child, we lay the foundation for lifelong learning!