Teacher Training

Invegenius Teachers Training Institute endeavors to create well trained and confident teachers. ITTI will impart requisite skills so as each one you becomes a capable Early Childhood Educator.
ITTI courses are designed with an aim to develop a sound background and in-depth understanding of the ECE domain.

Our Vision

To emerge as a centre of excellence in teacher education

Our Mission

o To provide experience-based learning for multifaceted development
o To contribute to national development through teacher education
o To foster innovative and responsible integration of technology in education
o To instill the spirit of inquiry through research

The Values we cherish

o Multiculturalism
o Team Spirit
o Scientific Temper
o Eco-consciousness
o Lifelong learning

Course Objectives

While the programs provide fundamental knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with young children, academic courses are combined with internship and practical work. The internship and practical work equips the students with and an understanding of children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. The course objectives are as follow:

• To acquaint pre-school educators with different facets of pre-school education- philosophical, methods, materials & interactions.
• To develop an understanding of theoretical framework of history & principles of early childhood development with practical implications.
• To provide experiences that would help the pre-school educators to tap their potential of creativity & originality in teaching preschoolers.
• To foster the spirit of professional growth among the teachers in Early Childhood Education.
• Understanding child’s growth and development
• Effectively dealing with child’s behavioral issues
• Efficacious implications of theories of learning and practices of ECE program,
• Appreciating the value of health, hygiene, safety and nutrition for toddlers
• Effective communication

The practicum enables students to demonstrate their competency in these areas through direct involvement with children under the guidance of qualified teachers. Students will assess the children’s strengths and needs, guide their behavior and design and implement curriculum in the preschool environment.